We work closely with corporations to help them structure a clear plan for dismissal. We ensure that communication with the employee is done in a professional and sensitive manner taking into consideration timing and location. We guide and assist our corporate clients in preparing positive references.

By meeting with individuals immediately after dismissal, we are able to guide them in their adjustment, help them break the news to their families, and avoid early mistakes that might otherwise impede their future success. Immediately, our financial planners will help them with managing severance packages and other related matters.

In addition to Career Management, Transition and Outplacement Services, we also specialize in Employee Retention/Career Development. We help the current employees of a corporate client to develop new skills, reposition themselves and grow within a company. We also provide support and work closely with the survivors of downsizing and restructuring to help them deal with any residual feelings and concerns.


As no two work situations or individuals are the same, we develop personalized programs to help individual clients seize potential opportunities for new growth. Typically, services include a complete assessment, identification of strengths, a career development plan, implementation of that plan, motivation, ongoing evaluations, and coaching. Individuals complete a series of professionally accepted and standardized objective psychological and vocational assessments to determine their aptitude, personality, emotional intelligence, preference, and interest profiles. This is particularly useful in helping clients identify their greatest strengths, in career planning, coaching, personal development and team building. The following are some of the learning activities we offer:

  • Identifying and evaluating your transferable/functional, content/special knowledge
    and self-management skills
  • Identifying your achievements and conducting skills inventory
  • Identifying your personal, work and cultural values
  • Assessing career and personal potentials
  • Identifying your strengths
  • Creating, planning and implementing your career directions
  • Creating powerful résumés
  • Developing a personal marketing plan
  • Developing effective written and verbal communication techniques
  • Establishing and maintaining professional networking opportunities
  • Increasing your career success and ongoing employment
  • Uncovering hidden employment opportunities
  • Effectively managing business and interview meetings
  • Evaluating corporate cultures and job fit
  • Developing and applying win/win compensation negotiation strategies
  • Securing your new position and increasing future career prospects
  • Developing and maintaining a winning attitude

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