As workplace changes sweep through all sectors of industry and services, employers and employees continually must evaluate the impact of these changes on their environment and respond appropriately. Therefore, by embracing inventive approaches to the workplace one can seize the opportunity and use it as a strong competitive advantage in this global challenge, and can continue to be flexible to meet the needs of both customers and shareholders.

Fortunately, not every organizational change requires the elimination of jobs. In some situations, reassignment of roles may be all that is required. In other situations, this may not be possible, which may result in the loss of employment for some employees.

We work in partnership with organizations to support their goals, to assist them with employee retention/career development, and help individuals deal with transitions should positions become redundant.

JMA believes that every person entrusted to us, regardless of his or her stage in career and life has an innate capacity for personal and professional growth. At the heart of this philosophy is the solid foundation of our core values. We are committed to work closely with individuals to help them realize their full potential.

We take our clients' concerns seriously and assess their needs on an individual basis, and help them develop their career plan and reemployment strategies that are in harmony with their strengths, career objectives and lifestyle. JMA has an established record of helping people make the best possible changes in their careers and life.

Developing career and life goals, landing new employment, or starting self-employment is not a final destination. It is a marathon journey, which must be navigated competently. JMA prides itself in its keen attention to the needs and goals of our clients and provides the most current information and techniques in guiding them through this process. To serve you better, with our strategic alliances, we can put you in contact with over 200 offices worldwide. We would welcome the opportunity to assist you and your employees on this journey to success.

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